Membership Fees:   $60/month unlimited.

Our pricing is month-to-month.  We do not require contracts or direct transfers out of your bank account.

The Salt Lake Grappling Club is the first submission grappling gym in Salt Lake City that is 100% no-gi and aimed solely at grappling competition instead of MMA.  We have no kickboxing, kettlebells, tractor tires, or pullup bars.   We are 100% focused on no-gi grappling.

What we believe in:
We don’t believe in restricting our submission game to the upper half of the body.   We believe that techniques involving knee reaping and heelhooks are an important part of grappling that  shouldn’t be neglected.  We also believe that learning as much as possible about these leg attacks is the best way to avoid injury from these techniques. We don’t believe in starting from the knees. We don’t believe in rule sets that forbid reaping of the leg.  We believe you should start on your feet or from a position that actually happens in grappling matches.  We want to train with, and compete against, grapplers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.   If you are a beginner, we want to help get you started in the greatest sport ever conceived.  We  don’t care if you have already trained in wrestling,  Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, sambo, no-gi submission grappling, catch wrestling, or some other type of submission grappling.    If you like no-gi submission grappling or think you might like it, we want to train with you!  

Who we are:
We are a group of athletes who really love no-gi grappling. So, we are very excited to provide a place for other grapplers to train in the sport that we love.

Member Reviews:

5 Stars
“Great instruction, great guys, awesome pricing, no belts, no gi, no bowing.”
–Nick Wolfinger, Professor, University of Utah

5 Stars
“Super knowledgeable instructors, laid back (but hard working) atmosphere, great training partners, good location, dope open mat on sundays.

This gym offers first class, super technical instruction from all 3 instructors. Class sizes are small, so you are guaranteed to get a ton of help and personal attention.. and it all comes at a cost that is literally one half to one third as much as most local gyms.

These guys are dedicatedly improving the gym and adding new classes all the time. It’s a no brainer. If you want to up your No Gi grappling game, SLGC is the place to be.”
–Tye Watkins, SLGC Member

5 Stars
“My second home. This place turns good grapplers into great grapplers.”
–Chris Marostica, SLGC Member

5 Stars
“Best environment anyone, especially a beginner, could ask for. Very patient instruction from knowledgeable instructors, where everything taught is a real applicable tool to help you become a better grappler.”
–Corey McCumber, SLGC Member

5 Stars
“Super nice and friendly people. Fun stuff.”
–Mike McKell, SLGC Member


We are located right behind Millcreek Cafe at:

3090 East 3300 South, Suite 8B

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109-2159

Second to last door, go down the stairs, and we are on the right.


Call or text us at 801.694.3220.


For the latest news on SLGC, please visit our facebook page:  the SLGC Facebook Page.